Houston has one of the largest ASHRAE chapters with approximately 800 assigned Society members.  The chapter is led by a Board of Directors and Committee Chairs.  Committees include:

  • Chapter Technology Transfer

  • Research Promotion

  • Membership Promotion

  • Historical

  • Student Activities/ K-12 STEM

  • Young Engineers in ASHRAE

  • Attendance/Reception

  • Grassroots and Government Advocacy

  • Honors and Awards

  • Sustainability

  • Refrigeration

  • Commissioning

  • Electronic Communication / Social Media

  • Women in ASHRAE

  • Newsletter

Society expects the Houston Chapter to lead because of the size of its membership and its large HVAC market.  The Board of Directors takes this responsiblity very seriously as demonstrated by the following metrics:

  • Raised almost $200,000 for Research Promotion in 2017/18

  • Held nine chapter meetings with an average attendace of 100 people

  • Active Young Engineers and Women Engineers program

  • Numerous site tours

  • Sponsored a team in the Society student competition

  • Supports three student branches

  • Provided $5,000 in scholorships

  • Developed many chapter officers who served at Region and Society

Please consider joining the ASHRAE Houston Chapter.  Your help is needed to support an organization that benefits the whole  world.  In return you will meet many influential members of the Houston HVAC communitee and heighten your visibilty  by 'being in the room' with many of Houston's senior engineers, contractors, owners and sales representatives served on the ASHRAE Houston board. 

Visit the Calendar tab of the web site to learn about the chapter's many activites and peruse some of the Hot Air Recorders found at the Newsletter tab.   If you have any involvement in the Houston HVAC industry, you will realize the many benefits of membership. 

Membership information is found at the Membership tab.  If you have any questions about ASHRAE, contact us at [email protected]

Ken Shifflett, P.E. / ASHRAE Houston Chapter President 2018-2019


ASHRAE Houston’s mission is to serve the local air conditioning and refrigeration community, working to fill their overall needs with networking opportunities, educational resources, and industry certifications.

ASHRAE Houston will support its members, while seeking to expand membership, with programs and committee involvement throughout the year, fueled by our officers and committee chairs who are committed to delivering exceptional membership value.


To be known and recognized as the best ASHRAE chapter regionally and nationally.