Student Activities

ASHRAE Student Activities Update 04/30/2018

Submitted by Kenneth Shifflett, P.E. / President Elect

”Student Night, along with “R” in ASHRAE Refrigeration theme, was held last month at Holler Brewery.  There were about 30 attendees, the majority of them students from the Lamar and TAMU Chapters, along with 1 student from UH.  John Holler, the owner, provided an overview discussion of the refrigeration equipment and tour of the brewery.  

The ASHRAE Houston Chapter also awarded scholarships based upon the Scholarship Review Committee recommendation (Josh Vanlandingham, Kapil Upadhyaya, Brooke Enochs).  The 4 winners were:

Amreen Shajahan - TAMU

David Shifflett - Lamar

Erick Lopez-Garcia - Lamar

Qinbo Li - TAMU

Afterwards the students enjoyed a meal together and then dismissed.

I would also like to recognize Brooke Enochs for volunteering to be our new student activities chair and Catherine Tinkler for co-chair.  Make sure to say thank you the next time you see them!”

The Texas A&M ASHRAE chapter is planning to attend the ASHRAE summer meeting in Houston and are seeking funds for travel.  If you are feeling generous, please contact myself or the other ASHRAE board members. 

As in years past our ongoing efforts will be to grow student interest in ASHRAE within the local colleges (University of Houston, Rice, LoneStar college, ect..), increase chapter participation of K-12 activities, and involvement in Engineers Week.   If anyone has contact information for potential interest or involvement, please email me or Brooke.

Have a great summer and see you at the next meeting!