ASHRAE Houston leadership has been communicating with Marina V. Badoian-Kriticos, with the City of Houston Office of Sustainability, for over a year in an effort to provide input on a new policy that will require facilities to report their annual utilities.  The purpose of this reporting is to create a database of information that will be a resource for the City and our industry.  This information would allow local government and the design industry to see the impact of their decisions over time, as they relate to energy efficiency.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. 

Thank you!

Elliot Millican
Grassroots Government Advocacy Chair


Nationally, buildings are responsible for 40% of all energy consumption; in Houston large commercial buildings account for 74% of the city’s total energy use. A program currently under consideration by the City will call upon existing large municipal, institutional, industrial and commercial buildings to optimize building performance. The outcome will be an overall reduction in resource consumption, an improved quality of life for residents and increased economic investment. The City is leading by example and has released building energy performance data for all municipal facilities over 25,000 SF

Also underway is the creation of a PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) district in the city, which will provide a mechanism for financing energy efficiency improvements on private property.  

Marina V. Badoian-Kriticos
Office of Sustainability
City of Houston

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